About Us

A Message From Mike and Barb Popovich

“We didn’t start a church just to start a church.   We want to see the miracle working power of Jesus operate in people’s lives.”

God wants you to be victorious in every area of your life.  God is not angry with you or judging you for past mistakes.  In fact, it is just the opposite.

Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for every one of our sins and mistakes.  Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior not only saves you from hell, it also gives you a life of love, hope, health, joy, peace, favor and the power to get wealth.   Jesus literally fulfilled every one of the requirements of the law on our behalf.  He took our lives of sin and defeat, and gave us His life of perfect righteousness and victory on the cross.  That is the good news of Jesus!

At Freedom Ministries, you won’t hear us teach a list of religious rules to follow.  We boldly declare the good news of Jesus. When people here the good news of what Jesus did for them on the cross, it supernaturally changes them from the inside out. The good news of Jesus frees people from the bondage of depression, addictions, broken relationships, financial lack, sickness and despair.  People are being set free every day and are experiencing the miracle working power of Jesus all across the country in our ministry.

“We want you to live a life of victory instead of defeat.  We want you to experience the sweet fellowship with Jesus and your Heavenly Father.  The good news of Jesus is powerful enough to heal any life! It will heal your life as well!”

God bless you,

Mike & Barb Popovich

Beliefs & Ministry Model

We are a non-denominational Christian church in Colorado Springs, CO.  We preach the simple, but powerful, good news of Jesus Christ.  Jesus took all of our sins, guilt and shame on the cross, and gave us His life as a loving gift.  Jesus took the punishment for our sins which He didn’t deserve, so we could enjoy a life we could never earn.  Romans 1:16-17 tells us this simple gospel releases the power of God which leads to salvation.  This means much more than getting to heaven. It means we can enjoy the love, peace, favor and blessings of God while we are on earth.

We have small groups, which we call House Fellowships, all around the country.  The House Fellowships typically meet on Wednesdays to review and study the notes of the weekly service.  This is a way for people to build relationships as well as grow in the wisdom and revelation of Jesus.