June ’12 Catalog

Signs and wonders today:

A catalog of god doing wonders

‘’And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony”

Revelation 12:11


June 2012

Promotion in Business

We started the fellowship meetings about a month ago Pastor Mike told us that opening up our house would attract the blessing just as when the Ark was stored in Obed-Edom. I work at a large defense contractor and my position two months ago was an engineering tech.  I built very specialized systems to find and eliminate bad people. A little over a month ago a coworker walked into my office and said ‘come with me you need to meet someone.’ He took me to the office of a man that works with all the new business that our company acquires. That man asked me to work for him the next week.  Normally changing positions at our company takes months not days. The following weeks since moving position I have been sitting in meetings with presidents and vice presidents of our company and working with them to acquire new contracts. So I essentially went from toolbox to new business guy effortlessly (still don’t have a title), and without my job ever being my goal I am seeing promotion and favor there. This week they told me to wear a suit to get my corporate picture taken. I give all the glory to God and am so thankful for the Covenant and all it’s benefits. The only things that I did differently than before was get into the word and start taking communion everyday. John 6:54 says communion will raise you up and it does! I am excited to see this work in the things that I focus on!


Healing by the Power of Gods Word!

This testimony is of my employee, I had noticed something was wrong when he came into work last Wednesday morning.  He explained to me that he was up all night from rushing his mother-in-law into the emergency room due to slurring of her words and a lack of mobility. The doctors had done a cat-scan along with other test and found a spot on her brain and explained to him and the family that she had suffered a stroke. When he told me this I immediately asked him if he was open for a suggestion and he said yes. I then gave him Bishops book, Born to Win, and instructed him what to speak

according to the word that I’m being taught, gave him a mantle, along with some anointing oil. Wednesday he went over to the hospital and prayed over her, put the mantle under her pillow and put anointing oil on her head as I had told him to do. Thursday his mother-in-law had several tests and MRI

done and the results came that she was shown clear from any stroke that was previously diagnosed to her by the doctors and released from the hospital. Now all of his family are excited and spreading the good news and want to read the book.  Glory to God! God’s kingdom is expanding rapidly !

Hallelujah !


Divine Healing

I have had ankle trouble for 15 years. Recently, it had gotten worse and I would sprain my ankle very easily. Fear was creeping in that I had torn a ligament and would not be able to compete for much longer. Last week it happened again and I hit the ground in extreme pain knowing I had a very bad sprain. Fear and evil thoughts gripped me for 5 seconds. This time it was different.   I had been filling up with the divine healing message from the website, and I began to vehemently declare healing and restoration over my ankle. I was mad, bold and sure. I literally felt the pain drain out of my ankle

immediately, from a 7 to a 1. I started laughing and praising God. I got up with no pain or limp! The next morning I had no trouble hopping up and down on that leg, something that would normally take 2 weeks to be able to do.  God’s kindness and love are overwhelming!


Restoration of Stolen Items

My entire purse was stolen while my husband and I were traveling. It had everything in it. Then we received a call from our bank stating that the individual who had stolen the wallet tried to spend $600 on one of our cards. My husband prayed that my wallet would be returned with everything intact. Later, I looked in my briefcase, and low and behold my wallet that was stolen earlier was miraculously there! Glory to God!


Divine Healing

For the last seven years I was wearing insoles I purchased from a podiatrist. He diagnosed me with flat feet. Without the inserts I was in tremendous pain and tired by the end of the work day.  One month ago, the Holy Spirit told me that I don’t need those inserts, why are you still wearing them? I removed them and have been pain free (insert free) ever since! Glory to God!


House Sold-Full Price, in 30 days!

My wife met with her ex-boss on May 10th 2012 , and her ex- boss explained to her that she wanted to put her house up for sale at full price for a standard sale. The realtor told her to “get real” because no one is looking for a standard sale in California right now. My wife prayed with her that same day then trained her how to speak according to the word and they came into agreement that her house would be sold at full asking price in the next 30 days.  On June 10th, 2012 she got the notice saying a buyer had been credit approved by the bank and was already putting in the down payment for the house! The bank also told her that she had 30 days to move out.

Praise God !


God Always Makes a Way

We have wanted to homeschool our son for a year now. Last year, we were not able to due to my son’s dad in Arizona not consenting. As we were planning for next year, my husband and I agreed we will homeschool this year. I was given advice to tell his dad that we would take him to court if he did not let us homeschool. I wanted to do that in my flesh, but in my spirit I knew that was wrong. So, I talked to my son’s dad again, and he consented. This is totally God because last year, he was completely against it. Then to top it off, we were blessed with the curriculum we wanted that would have cost at least $450.  Praise God for making a way and always providing.


Living in Complete Health

Growing up, my mother was very active and continued to be until she started having problems in her knee. As her knee got worse, she was unable to do many things. While visiting her a couple of weeks ago, I asked if I could pray for her, and I explained what would happen. She agreed, and we anointed her knee with oil and prayed. After we prayed, I told her to speak divine health over her knee. We called a couple of days later, she said that she had no more pain, and was now able to do the things that she loves! Glory to God!


God Provides Every Need

My tax check came and the IRS left the child tax credit off the total. I prayed, and last week got an additional check in the amount of $3,776. It paid for all of my bills that were getting out of hand and holding me in debt. God is SO faithful.


 God’s Abundant Supply

We had been seeking God on a few areas of our life but hadn’t yet seen the fruit. I did not want to grow weary. I asked God to show His unmistakable glory to me. I was calling a company to pay one of our bills. I told her I was paying the one month bill amount. She said, “Hold on a moment please.” So I did. When she came back on the line, she said if I paid a certain amount of the next month bill coming due that it would be counted as being paid in full. I asked a number of questions to verify it was all legitimate and it was. I didn’t even ask her for it and we saved over $250. That is supernatural that a bill company takes it upon themselves to save you money. Praise the Lord. Then I was feeling very confident in the Lord, the next bill I was paying I asked if they could take off any amount from the bill. She was able to take off $30. Praise God for his abundant supply. We saved almost $300 that I was planning on paying.


 Divine Favor in the Workplace

At the first fellowship meeting the wife of a car salesman came.  She said her husband was having a rough two months and management was hindering rather than helping him. Pastor Mike prayed for her and told her to lay her hands on her husband. He also told her to pray and show him about the Covenant teaching.  One week after the prayer went out management was completely changed people were fired, others were moved. New management came in and took him under there wing. This month he is the top salesman at the dealership, Praise God! He says people are literally coming in and falling at his feet.


Gods Mercy Knows No Limits

About two months ago, I had the revelation of what God’s mercy meant! I prayed and then thanked God for debt relief from a poor decision that my husband and I had made about a car purchase. After I began to think about Gods mercy more and more, we had a series of divine provision happen in our lives!  We were blessed with a new updated 4G android phone with monthly full service at no cost to us!  We then received a check for $400 on Thursday, and a $200 check on Saturday. Both of these were unexpected.  Finally on Sunday, my husband received an early fathers day gift…A 2013 Ford Explorer, fully loaded, insurance included! We were also told that we would receive a new car every three years from now on!! Praise God our Father!  His mercy is so real!!


Divine Healing

A very close friend of the family had not been feeling well for about a month. She went to the doctor and was told she had a urinary tract infection and an irregular heartbeat. She began taking antibiotics, blood thinners and medicine to slow down her heart rate. She was tired but having trouble sleeping, and was in pain from the infection. Our family went to her home, laid hands on her, prayed over her and gave her a prayer mantle. She slept with mantle that night. The next day she said she felt terrific – no pain, no tiredness and she had slept the whole night through. The following day she had an EKG and her heart rate was normal, so she stopped the medications and still feels great!


Giving Thanks to God

A person at my hotel was buying a new home. At the closing, the current owner was holding up the process. I gave her a mantle, and told her to command the home to sell to her, and after it does, just give thanks to God. In a few days she came back, she told me she got the home, and was able to give the glory to Jesus! He did it! Praise God!


I Can Do All Things

I have been going to a horse camp for two days. We have been doing vaulting and we were supposed to do a pop on the horse. I was sure that I couldn’t do it, so I got doubtful and upset. When I was going to start to jump I said, “Wait! I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” When it got to my turn to jump, I did it perfectly! Thank you Jesus!


Job Divinely Supplied

I asked for prayer at the house fellowship for a job. I have not had full time employment in three years. That week, I received two job offers and I am now working in a full time job that I enjoy! Glory to God!


Divine Healing

Our 3 year old stepped on a bee and was stung. We put anointing oil on the bottom of his foot and our 3 yr. old said that the hurt was all gone.  Praise God!!


Gods Favor in the Workplace

I was scheduled to work when my first grandchild was scheduled to be born. I asked my supervisor if I could use family sick leave so I could be there when she was born.  He said that he would look at the policies and procedures for our organization and call me back with an answer.  While my wife and I waited for the decision, we declared that God would give me the time off. He later called and said that I could not have the time off. I thanked him for considering the request and accepted his answer. I went to work as scheduled while my daughter-in-law was in labor.  While at work, my supervisors boss called and apologized to me for the wrong decision he made. He said that I could use the sick leave for my granddaughter’s birth. We were not able to get to the hospital in time for the delivery, but we were there right after! I was able to hold my baby granddaughter. Praise God!


I Can Never Be Stranded!

I was driving a van for work. I was about to leave the clients house and the van wouldn’t start. It made a sound as if was already on and I was trying to start it. It was not on though. I thought, “This can’t happen. I can’t be stuck on the client’s driveway. I am a child of God.” That built my confidence enough for me to hit the steering wheel and say, “Start in the name of Jesus.” When I turned the key, it started as I expected.  Praise God. He will not leave me stranded.



Divine Healing

I was bending down to kiss my 2 year old on top of the head and I was moving toward him he jumped and his head struck my mouth splitting my lip. I said “Jesus” out loud, and as I ran to the bathroom to spit out the blood, it was not bleeding.  My lip began to swell so I said I will not dash my foot against a stone, thank you Jesus. Within 5 minutes my lip was totally normal.


Broken Toe Healed

I was at Signs and Wonders camp, and we were playing in the river. One day, when I was playing in the river, I did something to my toe. I went to the nurse, and she said that I had broken my toe. A group of people prayed over me, and I was healed. I could jump on my foot and it did not even hurt! Praise God!


 Healed in Jesus Name

A few days ago, I got a blister on my lips. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had them. Normally when I get a blister it happens once or twice a year. This time, I prayed over it,and the very next day it was healing. I normally get two or three but this time, I didn’t get them. Thank you Lord


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