Is the blood of bulls and goats more powerful than the blood of Jesus?

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Is the blood of bulls and goats more powerful than the blood of Jesus?

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Review:  Is the blood of bulls and goats more powerful than the blood of Jesus?

Hebrews 10 explains the Law was a shadow of good things to come.   By studying the Old Testament, we can see the types and shadows of what Jesus has done for us.  The five offerings in Leviticus are all pictures of what Jesus is for us today.  When The Law was broken, people could bring their offerings to the priest so that their sins were covered and God could continue to bless them.   God is just, so sins have to be judged.  On the other hand, God is love, so He set up a system so that we would never be judged.  All of the judgment could be placed on an innocent lamb.  Believers need to understand that judgment for every sin has already been placed on Christ Jesus.  Jesus was the true Lamb of God!  So doesn’t it make sense that Jesus’ blood is at least as powerful as the blood of bulls and goats?  When sacrifices were made in the Old Covenant, people were not judged for their sin.  As long as blood was shed, God continued to bless His people with abundance, divine health and protection.  How much more can we expect the same thing today?

We can see that God promised abundance and blessings by reading Deuteronomy 28:1-13.   As long as blood was being shed to the true God, Israel was protected, supernaturally blessed with abundance in every area, and no sicknesses or diseases would come upon the people.   But if people disobeyed God, and did not sacrifice to Him alone, the curses would come upon the people.  We can see that sicknesses and diseases, as well as the lack of prosperity were under the curse.  When Israel brought their sacrifices to the altar, all of the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 were placed on the innocent lamb.  Israel could enjoy nothing but the blessings of God.  Remember, these sacrifices were only a shadow of what Jesus was going to do for the whole world.  Don’t get cheated by preaching that explains away the blessings of God.  A lot of religious teachers are saying that our sins have been forgiven, but we can’t expect God to bless us or heal us.   Think about that.  If the blood of bulls and goats provided prosperity and health, shouldn’t Jesus’ blood at least do the same thing?  This kind of teaching makes the blood of the bulls and goats more powerful than the blood of Jesus.  Every loving parent or grandparent desires to see his or her children and grandchildren blessed and healthy.  Doesn’t it make sense that our Heavenly Father desires even more for His children?

Jesus was the true Lamb of God.  Galatians 3:13 says we have been redeemed from the curse.  Jesus paid the ultimate price to buy back everything that was lost when Adam sinned.  So we can now enjoy the blessings of Abraham.  If the blood of bulls and goats in the Old Covenant provided prosperity, divine health, protection and abundance of all good things, how much more can we expect the same from the precious blood of Christ Jesus!!

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