It’s Not A Faith Problem

It’s Not A Faith Problem

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It’s Not A Faith Problem –

You Already Have Everything You Need

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Review:  It’s Not a Faith Problem – You Already Have Everything You Need

There is not a problem with your faith.  When you accept Jesus as your savior, you have been made righteous by faith.  Faith is the opposite of the law.  We don’t need to increase our faith; we have faith.  Reinhard Bonnke, the famous healing evangelist who has witnessed numerous people being raised from the dead, said Americans are the only people in the world who have the concept of “more faith” and “little faith.”  He stated,  “we don’t need to hit various levels for our faith to work; if we have faith like a grain of mustard seed, we can tell a mountain to move, and it will obey you.  You can speak and your faith will work.”

When we are born again, our spirits have been made perfect.  2 Corinthians 5:18 says that our born again spirit has been completely reconciled to God through Jesus.  This means that every sin has been removed, and our spirits are the same as Jesus down to the very last detail.  The power, favor, prosperity, joy, and healing power of God dwell in us.  We don’t need to increase our faith.  We need to renew our minds to the fact we already have every blessing from God in our born again spirit.   When we renew our minds to this fact, the spirit of God is able to flow out of us.  It’s not a faith problem; it is a knowledge problem.  Most people have never been told they already have everything they need in their spirits.

In 2 Peter 1:1, Peter says, “to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God.”  Peter was telling the group of believers that they have the same faith he has.  Peter walked on water, healed the lame man at the temple gate, and raised Dorcas from the dead.  Peter was confirming the fact that you have faith the minute you accept Christ.  We need to stop trying to increase faith, and simply renew our minds to the fact we already have everything we need dwelling in us by the Spirit of God.   We have already obtained the same faith that has the power to raise the dead.  When we renew our mind so that it agrees with our spirit, we will experience the anointing, victory, power, prosperity and healing of God that dwells in us.

Prayer:  10 Minutes: 

If there is any situation in your life that needs prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you for that situation.  The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us according to the will of God.  It is the perfect prayer and is always answered!


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