Signs and Wonders January 2013

Jan2013 Signs and Wonders

I was in Kansas and I got really sick, I had some liquid moving inside of my body, and it was so intense it felt like a strong burning on the inside. I heard the Holy Spirit say throw meal in to the pot, and so I went and got a cracker and water, and took communion. Instantly the pain was gone. I give all glory to God!


My daughter-in-law Lisa and son Justin married, and have been trying to have a baby after five years of trying. Their faith is not that high, so after David and I started coming to this church, we started speaking differently to them about getting pregnant. I said you will get pregnant, God wants to give you what you desire.You can ask anything in his name, you will receive. She just looked at me. She has had multiple surgeries, DNC, tumors. This last time removing a tumor she almost didn’t make it and was put in ICU for 2 days. They did not get it all that time. So, I got very upset and said this next surgery to remove what was left of the last tumor, that it would be dead, busted and dried up in Jesus name. Her doctor came out to me and my son and said strange thing has happened, She could hardly find that 20% that she left behind. I told her I know what happened “I prayed it away” she just looked at me. Then this December, Lisa announced her and Justin have given up and were signing up for adoption that in vitro was not what they could afford. I just looked at her in my Spirit and said “No you will have a child you are under our favor and blessings” as Pastor Mike says. I had he Book Thou Shall Not Be Barren from Pastor Oyedepo, have read it and was claiming all the verses in it for her every day. I waited to give it to her not wanting to do it at the wrong time. She was very sensitive. Now two weeks ago, she took a home pregnancy test and it was positive! I told her I am standing in faith that this test is correct, and she was quietly optimistic. My son has fully healed from his broken pelvis in September, after I anointed him in the ER with her watching. So now, I have asked the Lord if the timing was right to give her the book and she accepted it gladly. She has had an ultrasound and baby is eight weeks with a strong heartbeat! I am standing in faith with God’s blessings and favor for my growing family. Thank you Father!!!


Healed from Immune Disease


I have a condition called sarcoidosis which is an immune disease which affects different organs. My disease started to deteriorate my vision in early September. I was no longer able to drive, or read. After numerous doctor visits, and high doses of prednisone with no improvement, the doctors decided I would need to go on chemotherapy to save my vision. After praying with Carla and fellowship, I then returned to the doctor.  My vision improved to twenty/twenty five without medical intervention! Praise the Lord!



Healed from Pneumonia 


I called my cousin and she just came back from the emergency room. She had a bad case of pneumonia. The doctors told her to unless she improved significantly in 24 hrs, she needs to come back to the ER. I told her to take the Holy Communion. We took it together and prayed. I explained to her the significance and the power in the communion. We prayed and praised God for about five minutes. The next morning I called her, I asked how she was doing and she said she was 100% better and showed no signs of symptoms. She was completely healed!


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