Praying In The Spirit – Part 3

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Praying In The Spirit-­A Gift From God Part 3


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God intended the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be a precious gift to His people. Apostle Paul, who wrote two-­‐thirds of the New Testament, called it “the prayer.” As we discussed before, it is the perfect prayer since the Holy Spirit prays exactly according to the will of God on our behalf. We don’t “have to” pray in the spirit.  We get to pray in the spirit.  It is a gift that God has given us.

In Numbers 19 we find the Old Testament ritual of cleansing an unclean person.  If anyone was unclean, with a disease like leprosy, they would mix the ashes of a burnt heifer with running water.  The ashes of a burnt heifer represent the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.  A clean person would take a hyssop branch, dip it in the ashes and water, and sprinkle it on the unclean person.  Now the person would be cleansed and healed from their disease.  Jesus told us the real living water would flow out of our bellies as we prayed in the spirit.  The living waters will make every part of our body, soul and spirit clean.  If the ashes of a cow and rainwater could heal a person in the Old Testament, how much more can the sacrifice of Jesus and the Holy Spirit heal us today?  God has truly made a way for us to enjoy divine health in the New Testament!  Praise God!

Another one of the rivers flowing out of us as we pray in the spirit is the wisdom of God.  Proverbs 18:4 tells us the wisdom of God is like a flowing brook coming from the deep waters within us.  In the New Testament, our Promised Land and rest is not a physical location.  It is the gift of the Holy Spirit given to us after Jesus was glorified in Heaven.  As we pray in the spirit, the wisdom, power, creativity and knowledge of God will flow out of us.  We know from Proverbs 8 that the wisdom of God allows us to reign and brings divine justice in our lives.  If we have lost anything, the Holy Spirit prays on our behalf and brings correction and restoration.  The wisdom of God also allows us to enjoy riches and honor. Proverbs 8:21 explains that God’s wisdom will cause us to “inherit substance and fill our treasury.”

My prayer is that God will continue to show us how precious His gift of praying in the spirit is.  The New Testament church called praying in the spirit “the prayer.”  God’s desire for us is to pray in the spirit throughout the day so we can enjoy the rest, power, abundance, strength, peace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  God has freely given us all things to enjoy.  Let’s not live a common life.  Let’s live “above only” and “never below.”  Stir up the gift of the Holy Spirit within you as you pray in the spirit and keep the rivers of living water flowing out of you.


If there is any situation in your life that needs prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you for that situation.  The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us according to the will of God.  It is the perfect prayer and is always answered!


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