Signs and Wonders February

feb signs and wonders 2013

I have a friend who just recently became pregnant. She called me last week to tell me that she had all the signs of a miscarriage and she was certain that she’d had a miscarriage. I just texted her back and said, No! Don’t give up. It’s God’s will for you to have that baby; she just responded and said thanks. I called her and tried to get a hold of her the next few days, but to no avail. Finally on Tuesday, she called me and said “Kimberlee!! You are the only one that was believing for this baby. I went to the doctors, they said the baby is fine, and the heartbeat is strong!” I give all glory to GOD!! Then a neighbor called me the next day, and told me I think I am having a miscarriage, and I began to share with her the testimony that just happened. She was excited and we prayed that that baby would be fine in Jesus name. Both babies are completely fine, and are growing! I give all Glory to God, and praise him for his supernatural healing!



The blessings right now are absolutely overflowing right now in my life due to the teachings and power of speaking in tongues! After hearing Pastor Mike’s teachings I asked Pastor G if I could call him before a very important job interview I had coming up and he agreed. Pastor G went off for me praying in tongues! I didn’t understand one word he said but I could feel the Holy Spirit take over my heart. My confidence immediately went through the roof! By the end of the interview I was offered the position. I will forever be grateful for Mike and Pastor G’s teachings!


My cousin was flown from Browning hospital to Kalispell hospital for some lung, kidney and gallbladder issues. When she arrived they were having some trouble getting her temperature to drop from104 degrees. The lung issue they found out to be pneumonia. They also found there was some issue with a heart valve. Her second day in the hospital she went down hill and they moved her into the ICU, put her on a breathing machine after which her temperature went up to 106. Kurt, Katy and I went to see her and pray for her. Five hours later I got a message saying they had taken the breathing mask off of her and she was awake and talking some. Early the next morning they moved her out of the ICU and said they won’t need to do open heart surgery on her heart valve. Four days later she was cleared to go home. The experts said she would be in the hospital for six weeks, I spoke six days she would be there, and she was there for only one week. Praise God for how awesome He is and for how He always carries through with His promises!


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