“…I know I have nothing to do with this transformation – it is totally Jesus…” ~ Jennifer


“For the first time ever I felt free…” ~ Marisa

Marisa’s Written Testimony


A few months back I was told about a mutual acquaintance that was given a short time to live due brain tumors. When sought her out I found out that the doctors had told her to begin to start preparing her kids for her death, she’s only in her mid-30’s and I thought that was crazy. So just being who am I couldn’t help but to tell her about Katy’s testimony of being healed and a few other testimonies from the last few years. Which is more than I can remember, because it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Jesus. After she teared up about the good news I laid hands on her and said a short prayer, the following month Katy and I both laid hands on her just to reaffirm how good God is. This last week we found out that’s tumors have shrunk and they’re decreasing her medications at a rapid rate. When you curse the root in the name of Jesus, whether signs continue to show of sickness. They always disappear in time . . . ~ Kurt & Katy


Another friend of ours in her mid 50s had been lethargic for the last year or so and was diagnosed with leukemia early this spring, at stage 4 (whatever that means.) I just know the same day they diagnosed her they started chemo. A few weeks after that, when we were in the town where she was getting her treatment. We went to the hospital to see her. Katy and I shared a few testimonies and laid hands on her. She had a wonderful attitude and professed that she was going to beat this thing. As time passed the chemo didn’t take hold and things look bleak, the hospital sent her home so she could get her affairs in order. Of course Katy and I both knew she was healed just the world didn’t see it yet, we found out today that her white blood cells (fighting cells) multiplying and her health is radically improved. In few weeks are going to retest her, because all signs point to remission.  ~ Kurt & Katy


A very close friend of Katy’s who in 2013 was given a bleak diagnoses. Stage 4 lung, Colon and liver cancer. She let her know. We were blessed to be having a fellowship that evening in our home. Knowing the power of God during praise that night, Katy and the rest of us sent out the request for healing boldly to The Lord. We were not sure how to bridge the Gap with Her, as Katy knew she hadn’t been saved and from what she knew didn’t know Jesus. Katy composed a letter with testimonies and some of the Good News. Katy offered for to come pray for her. Her response was you can pray from a distance. Every time Julie came to Katy’s mind she continued to praise her healing. Over the course of many months everyone of our mutual friends we ran into would tell us “how she was loosing the fight, she only had so long to live.” And more of the worldly blah blah blah. But never did Katy or I own it, or profess such nonsense. She would text Katy how her tests where showing improvement. Katy just smiled and praised God. A few weeks ago Katy was blessed to have dinner with her. Shockingly her friend said “it’s so crazy everytime they test me my tests are showing remission. ” Katy just smiled and told her that’s Gods power. Katy told her “I have been praising for Divine healing and even if you don’t believe in Jesus signs and wonders follow those who believe, and I believe!” Katy told her Gods word never returns void and it was sent out! Praise God! In the process she told Katy she believes in Jesus, just not religion! It’s so awesome knowing that all we have to do is speak and Jesus does ALL the rest. Above All is everything.   ~ Kurt & Katy