How To Effortlessly Flow in the Holy Spirit | 2 Notes

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How To Effortlessly Flow in the Holy Spirit – Part 2

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Review: How To Effortlessly Flow in the Holy Spirit – Part 2

Flowing in the Holy Spirit is simply being influenced by the very nature of Christ Jesus and the Father.  Most people make the Holy Spirit a mystical or confusing person to grasp.  If you look at Jesus and how he dealt with people in the Bible, you can see His Spirit.  When someone says, “that person is in good spirits,” we know what they mean.  It means the person is in a joyful or happy mood.  The Holy Spirit is comforting, loving, protecting and good.  He is always in “good Spirits” regarding you and I.

Thayer’s Greek lexicon describes a spirit as the vital principle that activates a living thing.  It is the belief system of a living thing that influences their mind, will and emotions.  In other words, the Holy Spirit is the belief system of Jesus and the Father that influences their mind, will and emotions.  God’s Spirit is loving, gracious and merciful.  The Spirit of Jesus will forever influence God and how He sees us and loves us.   God will never again be influenced by our behavior and our ability in our own efforts to be pleasing to Him.  Jesus Himself will always influence Him.  That is the Spirit that influences the Father.  So that means God will always love us, protect us, bless us and see us as innocent because He loves us as Jesus Himself.

When we are in the Spirit, it means we are being influenced by the fact that God sees us and loves as Jesus Himself.  We are one with Father and Jesus as a joint-heir.  We don’t have to perform in order to enjoy the life of Jesus.  The more we understand that we are innocent, loved, protected and blessed like Jesus, Jesus’ very nature of love, joy and happiness will effortlessly flow through us.  Being in the flesh is the opposite of being in the Spirit.  Being in the flesh means we think we need to perform in order for us to enjoy fellowship with our Father.  This is the enemy’s main tactic.  The enemy will try convincing people to think they are lacking something.  This was the enemy’s original deception with Adam and Eve.  God clearly made man in His image.  They did not need to do anything in order to enjoy God’s provision, love, health and protection.  But the enemy proposed, “If they ate from the tree, then they would be like God.”  This is an evil spirit to operate from.  Evil in the New Testament is from the Greek word “poneros.”  It means full of labors and toils.  It is associated with the working or servant class of people.

So an “evil spirit” is the belief system that you are not worthy to enjoy your inheritance with Jesus and the Father.  You must pray more, read the Bible more and behave better in order to be a blessed Christian.  This will always leave us wondering if we have done enough.   Being in the Spirit is the understanding that we have been made sons in the Father’s amazing family.  We can freely enjoy our innocence, divine health, divine provision and the life of Christ.  We are not servants; we are sons.  We are no longer slaves of sin, we are owned by Jesus and the Father.  The more you see Jesus, the more you see yourself.  Flowing in the Holy Spirit is simply believing right.  Your mind, will and emotions will be influence by the fact the God unconditionally loves you and sees you as completely innocent.  God will move heaven and earth to take care of His family.  You can always be sure that His desire is to bless you, heal you, protect you and save you from every situation.  He loves you unconditionally.  That is the Spirit that influences Him.  Praise God!

Prayer:  10 Minutes: 

If there is any situation in your life that needs prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you for that situation.  The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us according to the will of God.  It is the perfect prayer and is always answered!


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